Teambonding Programs

Higher Pursuits can combine a great afternoon of paddling for your group with a morning of teambonding activities at our Higher Pursuits canoe base. We have two options for teambonding activities: teambuilding and the True Colors Personality Assessment Program.

We remember 20% of what we hear; 50% of what we see and 80% of what we do

Our teambuilding programs use a series of non-competitive activities and group initiatives to encourage your group to analyze their performance as a team, develop communication skills, build trust, and have fun. If you have specific goals or issues you want to target we can customize the activities to fit those goals.

Our True Colors Personality Assessment program helps team members learn about their own temperament, develop a better understanding of their other team members, and most importantly help the group understand how their own temperament affects the people around them.


  • Half Day of Teambonding or True Colors for up to 20 people: $500
  • Afternoon Paddling: Normal Rental Rate, if you want a guide it is an additional $100

Additional Information

Group programs are available during the week from April until the end of October. We do not offer group programs on the weekend from Memorial Day to October 1st due to the amount of rental activity on the weekend.

All our programs are outside under a shelter, but are not air conditioned or climate controlled.

We have twenty years of experience facilitating teambuilding programs for schools, colleges, businesses, sports teams, and other leadership groups.

Typical program goals:

  • Overcoming initial barriers to communicationTeambuilding programs
  • Helping the group get to know one another
  • Emphasizing teamwork
  • Developing effective communication skills
  • Improving inter/Intra-departmental communication
  • Understanding the role of competition within an organization
  • Helping to integrate new employees into an existing group
  • Improving the team’s ability to work together
  • Building Trust

Other Programming Options

From November to March, Higher Pursuits can provide a portable teambuilding program at your location or other indoor location. Teambuilding and True Colors can be combined into a full day of activities focuses on your goals and needs of the group. Pricing for offsite programs is based on total number of people, distanced traveled, number of facilitators required and potential cost for space to conduct the activities. Call us and we can discuss program options for your group.

True Colors® Personality Assessment Program

  • True Colors® is a personality assessment tool based on the work of Myers-Briggs and Keirsey that was created to translate complicated personality and learning theory into practical information we can all understand and use.
  • This personality assessment workshop allows participants to complete a self-assessment, learn about their own temperament, and develop a better understanding of the people they work with.
  • True Colors begins with fun and creative exercises that identify participants among four basic personality types or “colors.”

Some of the training goals that can be addressed by True Colors®:

  • Helps member of the group relate to the whole spectrum of personality types.
  • Enables group members to recognize and respect differences in personality.
  • Provides and promotes skills needed to work in cooperation.
  • Assists them in developing more effective management tools.
  • For more information about True Colors: