Jackson Recreational Kayaks

Try it before your buy it!

We offer demos of all our kayaks, so you can paddle it and determine if this is the right boat for you. Short demos are free or you can rent a kayak for $30 and take it on one of our standard paddling routes.

Give us a call at (931) 840-8575 and we can schedule a time for you to look at the different models, compare features and give them a try on the water

Higher Pursuits has most of the new 2018 Recreational Kayaks. If we don't have the color and model you want in stock we can order it directly from the factory for no additional cost.

We have the following Jackson Kayaks available for Demo:

  • Tupelo 12.5
  • Tupelo 12
  • Tupelo LT (light)
  • Tripper 12
  • Cruise 12
  • Cruise 10
  • Riviera
  • Riviera-T (Tandem)
  • Tripper-T (Tandem)
  • Mini-Tripper (kid's kayak)

We have put together a comparison chart to help you compare kayak features, weight, length of kayak, price and other key features.

Cruise FD (Flexdrive)

Pedal or paddle with the Cruise FD! Our unique prop system helps keep the system clear of obstacles and easy to clean and is protected by an articulating daggerboard. The daggerboard serves to help positioning in the wind and also acts as a keel in adding stability when standing on the deck. The Flex Drive is easily deployed with the flip of a lever and an interchangeable electric motor driven head unit will be released in 2018. The hull of the Cruise FD is sharp and cuts swiftly, silently and efficiently through whatever water it encounters. Combined with an industry-leading turning radius, the Cruise FD is positioned to be a standout on the water. The Cruise FD expands on the new Flex Drive family of Jackson Kayaks with a solid recreational platform that is quick, nimble and ready for casual tours or can be customized for fishing adventures.

View the walkthrough video of the Cruise FD

MSRP: $2399


Tupelo 12.5 (Rockfish)

The Tupelo is your premier, feature laden recreational kayak. It comes in two sizes to accommodate a wide variety of paddlers. Designed for cruising the waterways with comfort and efficiency, with loads of storage and convenient accessories, it is an ideal to match for a couple. Both feature Jackson’s removable and super comfy Elite Seat, with adjustable lumbar support. YakAttack tracks around the deck allow for you to accessorize with RAM products like rod holders, GPS, camera mounts, smart phones and more. The Tupelo 12 has a slightly smaller cockpit opening, shorter sides. The Tupelo 12.5 is 6 inches longer with a slightly larger cockpit, taller sides and a greater volume.

MSRP: $899

The LT edition is 11 pounds lighter than the Tupelo 12. At 35 lbs it is a great kayak for car topping. It is a fast tracking, comfortable and easy to use kayak is great for beginners and advanced paddlers as it's hull design not only provides stability to new paddlers but surprising performance to those who are used to kayaking. The deck is fully outfitted with bungees, YakAttack Tracks for accessories, ample storage with its stern locking hatch and it comes with our new ergonomic Elite Seat.

>MSRP: $1,199

The Tupelo LT Walkthrough Video

Tripper 12

Jackson Tripper
Jackson Tripper Sit Inside Kayak

The Tripper is a great kayak that is stable, fast, and turns well. Its open cockpit design allows for great storage of gear, room for a large dog (I have had my 100 pound lab in there with me), or room for a child. It is designed for exploration, fun and family adventure. The Tripper 12 comes with loads of storage space, our comfortable patented Hi-Lo Elite seat and unending ways to set it up for your on-water use. Stuff it for a long adventure, load it up for fishing or simply take it out for a leisurely paddle, the Tripper will get you there.

MSRP: $999

View the walkthrough video of the Tripper 12

Cruise 10

Cruise 10 (Bermuda)

The Cruise 10 is stable kayak that is great for exploring rivers and lakes. It features a comfortable elite seat and more than enough room to bring your lunch, fishing gear, or a dog. It has a large storage area behind the seat, water bottle holder, day hatch, and storage hatch in the front

MSRP: $899

Cruise 12

Cruise 12 (Mangrove)

he Cruise 12 was based on the design of the Cuda 12 fishing kayak, but features a clean deck, large hatch in the front and great storage behind the seat. The Cruise is also available in both a standard version and the Angler version.

MSRP: $999

Walkthrough Video of the Cruise


Jackson Riviera
Riviera (Bermuda)

Quite possibly the easiest to use kayak on the market. The Rivera is a very stable, easy to paddle kayak that is comfortable and requires very little maintenance. It fits a wide variety of paddlers. At the canoe base we refer to this as our "go anywhere" boat. The Riviera is just the ticket for those who want an easy to use, hassle-free kayak for cruising, fishing, or just having fun on the water.

MSRP: $529

Walkthrough Video of the Riviera



Riviera Tandem (Rivi-T)

Jackson Riviera Tandem
Jackson Riviera Tandem (Two Person Kayak)

The two person version of the popular Riviera. The Rivi-T is a stable boat that is easy to paddle and steer. It is comfortable and has a good size storage area behind the rear seat. It is a great kayak for taking the family down the river or just relaxing with your friends.

MSRP: $829 (Tandem Model)

Tripper Tandem (Tripper-T)

Jackson Tripper-T (Rockfish)

The Tripper Tandem is the sit-inside tandem kayak that can be paddled solo or Tandem. This all purpose kayak is built for two and designed around the Kilroy, one of Jackson's top selling sit inside kayaks! Its a very stable, easy to enter, comfortable and fast kayak. Perfect for those who want the comfort of staying dry yet want the performance to get from point A to point B. The Tripper will come with the famous Jackson Kayak Elite Seat System that comes with high low seating and moving foot pegs to give you unlimited positioning power for your seating arrangements.

MSRP: $1,299 (Tandem Model)