Jackson Fishing Kayaks

Try it before you buy it!

We offer demos of all our kayaks, so you can paddle it, fish from it, and determine if this is the right boat for you. Short demos are free, or you can rent a fishing kayak for $50 and take it on one of our standard paddling routes.

Give us a call at (931) 840-8575 and we can schedule a time for you to look at the different fishing models, compare features and give them a try on the water

Higher Pursuits has all the new 2018 fishing kayaks. If we don't have the color and model you want in stock we can order it directly from the factory at no additional cost.

We have the following 2018 fishing models available for Demo

  • Coosa FD (Flex Drive)
  • Coosa HD
  • Coosa
  • Cuda HD
  • Liska
  • Mayfly
  • Big Rig
  • Kilroy
  • Cruise 12
  • Cruise 10
  • Skipper

We have put together a fishing kayak comparison chart to help you compare kayak features, weight, length of kayak, price and other key features.


Coosa FD (Flexdrive)

Coosa Flex drive
Coosa FD (Forest Camo)

The Coosa FD is based on the top selling Coosa HD hull and deck layout but adds a long-awaited Flex Drive system (patent pending) allowing for hands-free propulsion. The new Flex Drive System offers forward and reverse operation and includes a unique articulating system for deep and shallow water navigation. A daggerboard protected tri-blade propeller combined with articulation gives the Flex Drive a performance increase over other drives and helps with keeping the system clear of obstacles and easy to clean. The Coosa FD comes with the fore-aft trimming and our Hi-Lo Elite Seat System giving it flexibility in seating positions that puts the pedaler in the most comfortable position possible. The Flex Drive is easily deployed with the flip of a lever, has adjustable pitch, a 1:12 ratio and will be upgradable to a new motor drive system available in 2018..

MSRP: $2999

View the features of the Coosa FD



Jackson Liska
Jackson Liska (Forest Camo)

The Liska is the modern version of our best-selling Cuda series. Wider, more stable and updated with features that novice kayak anglers are looking for ... and experienced anglers demand. Versatile inshore/lake kayak fishing platform, the Liska uses the same Hi-Lo trimmable seating as the Cuda HD and MayFly. Track systems on the gunnels and large stern storage area add the functionality lacking in the original Cudas. New, narrow hinging center hatch with molded-in tackle storage and fishfinder battery compartment allow convenient storage without cramping standing area. Molded-in handle on the stern for ease of transport. Wider hull creates a more stable standing platform than the original Cuda, meaning it is better suited to larger paddlers, beginners, and more gear.

MSRP: $1349

View the features of the Liska


Jackson Mayfly (Thunderstruck)

The MayFly is a fly fishing oriented sit-on-top kayak with a versatile hull optimized for tracking, stability, and speed in popular fly fishing conditions and destinations, including slow-moving rivers, lakes and ponds. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by fly fisherman, particularly fly line management, the MayFly includes a myriad of design aspects to address the needs of fly fisherman creating the ultimate kayak fly fishing platform - snag-free footrests, protected fly box storage, unique fly rod storage options, rod butt props for dealing with tangles, integrated and and protected fly patches, and JK hatch with heavy duty locks and hypalon paddle keeper.

MSRP: $1899

View the features of the Mayfly

Coosa HD

Jackson Coosa HD
Jackson Coosa HD (Arctic Camo)

Redesigned for 2018 - The 2018 Coosa HD now features the JK hatch with heavy duty locks and hypalon paddle keeper and an improved center hatch. The hull is river friendly, but the HD will track truer on flat water making fishing lakes and ponds even more enjoyable. The Coosa HD comes with the Sealline Waterproof seat pouch, Tough Ball, RAM 2007 rod holder, 2 RAM Tough tubes, Plano Box, Orion Tumbler and Safety Flag

MSRP: $1799

Walkthrough of Coosa HD

Big Rig

Jackson Big Rig (Thunderstruck)

The Big Rig is designed to deliver big stability for the many anglers that deserve a model to help them feel comfortable in a smaller watercraft, and even allow them to stand and fish from one! The hull is crafted for reliable, efficient performance in most kayak fishing situations - lakes, ponds, rivers, inshore saltwater bays or marshes - so no matter where you go the Big Rig is ready to make you feel comfortable there. The Big Rig comes ready to accept the Raymarine Dragonfly fishfinder and Power-Pole Micro stake out systems.

MSRP: $1599

View the walkthrough video of the Big Rig


Jackson Coosa
Jackson Coosa (Mangrove)

Jackson's best ‘moving water’ fishing kayak. The Coosa is made to cater to the river angler. It is small enough to get into tight places, but stable enough for standing. It is an ideal kayak for rivers, creeks, small lakes and ponds. It's hull design makes it easy to turn and get into tight places. It features the Hi-Lo Elite seat, mold-in accessory mounts, rod staging areas and lockable hatches for loads of gear. At 64 lbs, it is easier to carry and load.

MSRP: $1249

View the walkthrough video of the Coosa


Kilroy (Thunderstruck)

The Kilroy is a versatile fishing kayak that is stable, turns well, and can handle the extra weight of hunting gear, fishing gear, your dog or a child.The rod storage inside the kayak keeps your rods tucked out of the way until you a ready to use them. The hard deck offers great mounting options for additional accessories. The Kilroy comes outfitted with four gear tracks for mounting all the accessories you need. With logically placed gear mounts and staging systems all in a protected hull, this is a great kayak. The Kilroy is a Sit-in-kayak that keeps you high and dry and features an intuitive layout of protected gear positions.

MSRP: $1499

View the features of the Kilroy

Kilroy LT (Light)

Kilroy LT (Lime)

The Kilroy LT is a thermoformed version of the popular Jackson Kilroy kayak. Using thermoformed plastic you get a platform that is a bit longer and wider than the original and an even more rigid hull. This new and improved Kilroy will paddle even better and the thermoformed technology means it is nearly 10 lbs lighter. It is available in lime/white and sage green/tan

MSRP: $1699

Cuda HD

Cuda HD (Mangrove)

The Cuda HDs wider size and longer hull give it the stability and increased tracking to make this an excellent big water fishing kayak. The deck features a hinged center hatch, tubular tip covers, YakAttack tracks in all the convenient places, Hi-Lo and trimmible seating and comes Raymarine and PowerPole ready. The front and rear hatch are hinged. The seat is on a track so it can be trimmed to fit your needs. The Cuda HD comes loaded with accessories: Sealline Waterproof seat pouch, Platypus Hydration System, Tough Ball, RAM 2007 rod holder, 2 RAM Tough tubes, Plano Box, Orion Tumbler and Safety Flag

MSRP: $1899

Walkthrough of Cuda HD

The Cuda 12 and Cuda LT

The Cuda comes in two great models, the Cuda 12 and Cuda LT (Light).

The Cuda 12

Jackson Cuda 12 (Rockfish)

The Cuda 12 is a great fishing kayak for those anglers who split their time equally between rivers, lakes and the ocean. The Cuda 12 can handle fishing and paddling on most of the rivers in Middle Tennessee as well lakes like Percy Priest and Tim's Ford. It is a stable fishing platform that has good speed and maneuverability.

MSRP: $1299

Cuda LT

Jackson Cuda LT (Sage)

The Cuda LT is a lighter-weight (11 pounds lighter) carbon copy of the Cuda 12 thanks to “thermoforming” technology. The LT version is also sleeker aesthetically and due to the lighter weight is slightly higher performing and a little more stable than the original Cuda 12. This new version maintains the deck features that everyone loves from the Cuda 12 - central hinging hatch, rod for various rod and tackle storage options and adds a couple new features to help the angler out, including new Yakattack tracks for and aft!

MSRP: $1699

View the walkthrough video of the Cuda LT


Jackson Kraken 13.5 (Mangrove)

The Kraken comes in two sizes, the 13.5 foot and 15.5 foot. The Kraken is designed for the big lake angler and offshore fisherman. It is shaped and built to accommodate those hitting the open water, those looking for speed, comfort, perfect trim and big water management. It’s a paddlers fishing kayak! It’s designed for punching surf, handling rough off shore currents, 

swells, beach landings and those wanting ultimate performance when putting in long distances to get on fish.

Kraken 13.5 MSRP: $1499

Kraken 15.5 MSRP: $1599

Cruise Angler 10

Cruise 10 Angler (Rockfish)

The Cruise 10 is a smaller and more lightweight fishing kayak. It is very maneuverable, stable and has a nice clean deck for fishing. It is a great kayak for people wanting a lighter weight boat, women or youth. The 10 foot hull design make it a great boat for rivers, small ponds, and small lakes.

MSRP: $999

Cruise Angler 12

Cruise 12 Angler (Arctic Camo)

The Jackson Kayak Cruise 12 Angler kayak is based on the hull design of the Cuda 12 and fills a variety of niches. It is a great price point kayak for someone looking to get into kayak fishing without all the bells and whistles, but enough features to make your time on the water enjoyable. It is also a great platform for an avid angler who is looking for a versatile kayak with a minimalistic approach. The Cruise Angler 12 is great for fishing smaller rivers and creeks, or even your neighborhood pond.

MSRP: $1099


Skipper (Thunderstruck)

The Skipper also offers a stable enough platform for standing while casting. It features: comfortable, smaller, hi/lo Elite seat with tackle storage, molded in center Nalgene holder, internal rod storage options, rear flush mount rod holders, rod tip protectors, one RAM track mount for accessories, rear tankwell storage, replaceable skid plate, large front hatch, and some unique deck rigging and tether clips just in case a tow is in need. Recommended for anglers in the 50 to 125lb range. This certainly still includes many teens, college students, women and some adult men that are looking for that smaller, nimble craft to take on some wild waters that only a light weight kayak can easily access!

MSRP: $899